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DueNorth uses high-performance, user interface-independent, data model-independent meta-searching middleware featuring merging, relevance ranking, record sorting, and faceted results. It searches all the online catalogs in the Northern New York region in parallel and creates an internal, merged result set on the fly.  This means that results are always up to date.  


DueNorth Update September 13, 2017

Wednesday, September 13th 2017

DueNorth is up and running with 339 registered libraries! Remember, ICICILL is closed officially on September 30th; please clean out pending requests!

Here are some helpful troubleshooting tips and FAQs:

  • There have ​been questions about libraries not showing up in the item request list on DueNorth. ​​While many users have been on-ramped with accounts, library profiles will still need to be managed by library/system staff.
    • In order for a library to be a loaning library (i.e. appear in the request list) they MUST have the following:
      • Library ILL Email filled in on Manage Library Profile - multiple emails may be entered with a semi-colon and no spaces (Library Staff configurable)
      • The item type (book, ebook, etc) being requested is set to YES in Manage Library Profile (Library Staff configurable)
      • Suspend Your Library's Lending Status set to NO (Library Staff configurable or mass set by System Staff)
      • Library ILL participant set as YES on Manage Libraries under System Staff (System Staff configurable only)
  • The last "fall-down" for searching is Filter Own System in My account (at the top of the DueNorth page)​. If you want to see your own system's library it must be UNCHECKED or set to NO.
  • Please ensure that your library's​ contact information is correct under Manage Library Profile. This includes all of the above as well as ​mailing ​address​, email,​ and other information. This will ensure efficient ILL use.
  • Library system staff ​may set up user accounts as needed. Simply ​complete the "Create ​New Account" ​form including registration code. If you do not know your registration code, please email us.
  • DueNorth is a simple search and request database. There is no "check-in" or "check-out" functionality. It is advised that libraries use their own circulation systems to track item circulation (i.e. check items out to other libraries/institutions). As a courtesy, users may send email via the email address hyperlink in the DueNorth ILL request email to let the lender/borrower know that they have sent/returned items. Do not reply to the DueNorth email as it is an automated system and not monitored. Simply compose a new email, copying and pasting the subject and body of the DueNorth ILL email into the corresponding spaces of the new email, and use the ILL library's email address link. Using email to communicate allows for search-ability should any issues arise. Users can simply search their mail for the ILL #, title, or other identifying information.​

Additionally, DueNorth has a FAQs page which may help answer other questions you might have, go to DueNorth's home page includes instructional materials as well as videos (below), which can also be found on NNYLN's YouTube channel:

As always, please let the Network know if you have any further questions or would like to schedule​ additional training.​

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