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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register

Q: What is DueNorth?

A: DueNorth is the replacement for both ICEPAC and ICICILL. All libraries in the region are eligible to use DueNorth for inter-library loan of materials.

Q: How is DueNorth different from ICEPAC and ICICILL?

A: ICEPAC was a static regional catalog updated four times annually. DueNorth searches all the online catalogs in the Northern New York region in parallel and creates an internal, merged result set on the fly.  This means that results are always up to date.  DueNorth also features circulation status, faceted results, and other modern features.

Q: Can DueNorth be used by the public?

A: Yes, it can. However, all inter-library loan requests must be submitted by library staff; user accounts are not available to the public.


Managing Your Account


Managing Library Options


Searching the Catalog


Q: How do I exclude items from my own catalog in search results?

A: While logged into your account, select “My Account” at the top of the screen and then “Edit” to make changes to your information as well as update Status, Roles, Contact Information, Time Zone, Home Library System, and to accept Terms & Conditions of Use. Multiple email addresses separated by a semicolon may be entered on the account. You may also select “Filter Own System” in order to filter your home system from the request screen:

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.35.02 PM.png

If DueNorth is your primary catalog, uncheck this box to see all items in the catalog including your own.

Requesting and Providing Items

Q: Is there a pull-slip for the ILL request?

A: Not at this time. Simply print the ILL request email you recieve and place it in the item. This email provides all of the information you need.

Q: Why is the book listed as available on the library catalog but in DueNorth there is only a “-” or “dash”?

A: In DueNorth, a “-” or “dash” indicates that an item is available. It does not display text saying “available” due to a code/server barrier. If a date is listed next to an item in DueNorth, this is the date that the item will become available, i.e. its due date, because the item is currently checked out and unavailable.

Q: How do I request multiple copies for special circumstances such as a class or a book club?

A: Simply check the boxes for multiple libraries on the title screen for the item you are requesting.


Producing Statistics